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Bio of Hip-Hop artist Gauge 
by Calibre News Incorp. 

Born August 8th 1985 in Anderson South Carolina U.S.A. At the age of four Gauge/Calibre (Antwan Turman) honed in on an obvious skill for rhyming. A hobby which turned into a steady paced dream slowly became a career goal. His music has been described as powerful, energetic, and even ingenious! He has often concurred with the criticism of his art form that he has received, but has also mentioned that his music is derived from a certain source called emotion. Though pain and desire are the most obvious of emotions, inspiration can be found in all of his songs. He himself however was inspired by the greats of the genre. Rakim Tupac Shakur Notorious B.I.G. and Wu-tang Clan just to name a few. He is the type of artist that considers the beat a canvas and the mic a paintbrush. So he stresses that whatever he paints be acknowledged but more importantly related to. By this he means "focus on whats being said not just the beat/instrumental." The dream of becoming famous due to his music became petty with offers & opportunities to work with slip and slide promotions, yung money and so icey ent. declined ,its obvious that music has a different meaning to him. "It's not as much about being independent as much as it is about being honorable or what is known as real" he has mentioned. Gauge produces his music, however his artistry is surrounded by what he calls Legendry, So it Extremely rare that you will hear songs from him that are written. He Predominantly comes off the top of the Head, Heart & Soul which has earned him Respect not only lyrically but Universally. 

By Calibre News Incorp

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