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Selective Records was founded by Antwan Turman in 2002. We are located in Anderson, South Carolina USA. Formerly known as Golden Records SR has always took pride in music & we approached the industry no different. Selective Records operates exactly as it sounds, Selectively. Our choice in genre knows no boundary, but we select artists that are the same when it comes down to innovation, success, & creativity. Quality over quantity is how we choose to operate.  Our artists at SR are set for longevity, not immediate stardom that comes with fame. We are a label that understands that music has been derived from mankind long before fame was even considered something to pursue. This doesn't mean that we are in the dark ages but it does mean that we are extremely focused on the artist that is in the spotlight, not the spotlight alone. We understand competition & we have been around long enough to be deemed more than worthy competitors, but we tend to work with labels  instead of against them. Competition between labels can cause conflict in house, because it doesn't make the artist(s) the focal point as it always should. We are currently partnered with No Limit Forever East & KLM but have worked (collaborated) with other well known & well established labels such as Rehegoo Music (Italy) & Bentley Records (Wall Street, Manhattan New York USA.) Our reach is worldwide, but here at SR, we know that the world exists in a universe that is music with so many stars, yet so much space for more! The word Selective (which describes us perfectly) is still not to be taken lightly, we have a talent for making those with their own successful. Our Sponsors/partners include Calibre Clothing, Calibre Genisis, DNA management, & Calibre Radio (which boasts the music of all of our artists.) Selective Records operates with passion & purpose which we have no intentions of stopping. So we always embrace the future & cater to the comfortability of  our artist(s) being able to create masterpieces with the canvas (platform) that we provide.